Corporate Lands

Thank You For Respecting Eklutna, Inc. Lands!

Eklutna, Inc. property holdings stretch from Anchorage to Eklutna Village. Eklutna, Inc. also owns land in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and Jim Creek area.

Please avoid trespassing! You can avoid trespassing and being fined by checking for Eklutna properties from Eagle River to Eklutna as shown on the map below.

Please note: Ice climbing is not allowed on Eklutna, Inc. property.


Click here to download the Eklutna Land Holdings Overall Area Map
Click here to download the Eklutna Land Holdings Jim Creek Map

Click here to download the Mud Lake Conservation Map


Visitors who want to access Eklutna, Inc. land need either an individual or a corporate permit to do so. At this time Eklutna, Inc. is only issuing individual permits for foot traffic. Hunting and or fishing is prohibited unless you are a permitted shareholder with Eklutna, Inc.

Click here to download an Individual Permit form
Click here to download a Corporate Permit form

Please read the instructions in the permit forms carefully.

Please bring the completed forms to our offices on 16515 Centerfield Drive, Suite 201 in Eagle River to have it legally signed and embossed with the Eklutna, Inc. seal.

Please carry the original form along with your ID at all times when you are accessing Eklutna, Inc. lands. Unauthorized use of Eklutna, Inc. lands is prohibited and trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Our lands are inspected on a regular basis to prevent unauthorized use.